Painters and Imagists of all times have created images of such outstanding beauty that it gives rise to the almost irrepressible urge to try to copy them to learn how they did their art, and to see how well one can create a similar work, or work in their style. That sort of urge led to this series of images.

Here you will find images taken of the Pretty Francesa, a young local model of great classical beauty, with costumes, props and poses taken after the marvelous images of the likes of Rembrandt, Titian, Rubens, and others.

It takes a good deal of time to make the costumes, obtain the props, schedule and shoot the model, and process the images, so please be patient. Other images will appear as may be.

The Francesa as by Hieronymous Bosch
The Francesa as by ?
The Francesa as by Rembrandt
The Francesa l as by Titian
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