The Pleasures of Thanatos

Thanatos is the God of Death. As such he was worshipped in the Pantheon of the old Greek Gods. Today, he's still hard at work, and busier than ever. After all, consider that we have now got more people than ever, with leaders and other persons of influence that have little or no regard for life. And only one Thanatos to do all that work!

Thanatos keeps his nose (?) to the grindstone, carrying out the duties of his office, executing the orders of the Moirae, Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. Clotho spins the thread of life at the birth of each person. Lachesis measures the length of the thread of life with her rod. Atropos determines the manner and instant of the death of the person by cutting the thread. The actual function of harvesting the person is performed by Thanatos.

Although Thanatos keeps busy, his work is not without its pleasures. And, chief among these is the harvesting of beautiful women. By special arrangement with Atropos he is able to collaborate in the manner and timing of their harvest, and plan elaborate events that everyone involved can look back upon with fondness.

In this section of this website I will display a (hopefully) ever-larger series of images of Thanatos and his pleasures. This series will portray specifics of the character of our hero, the favorite tools he uses for the harvesting of his pets, and illustrations of specific cases of the harvest.

The initial images to be displayed will simply be ones which are a small part of the scenarios of the harvest of some of Thanatos' favorites. Later, given the opportunity, entire harvest scenarios will be presented.

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